What is Maker Faire?

Maker Faire events across the United States are celebrating a DIY/homegrown invention movement. Whether it’s a home-built robot, video game, handbag, miniature race car, musical instrument, or sustainable micro garden, Maker Faire showcases all that is creative and innovative in our community.


What is the The MINT, Rutland Makerspace?

The MINT is a 8,000 square foot indoor space that contains equipment and tools necessary for makers (you) to innovate, create and make.  The MINT is an outcome of the Rutland Mini Maker Faire that stimulated interest in making and the creation of a great place to make.  Tools and equipment include woodworking, metalworking, electronics, computers, open WiFi, laser cutters, CNC, 3-D printers, welders and more!  Thank the Rutland Economic Development Corporation and the community for the development of this much needed space!

What kinds of exhibitions will be there?
Interactive projects that showcase the value and process of “making,” including:

  • Vintage Tech and Gaming
  • Design/Architecture/Engineering
  • Robotics
  • Hacker and Maker Space
  • Biotech/Biochem
  • 3D Printers
  • Tesla Coils
  • Miniature Racing and Boating
  • Student Projects/Experiments
  • Clothing/Textile Design and Innovation
  • Food and Beverage Makers
  • Crafts
  • Found objects
  • Visual Arts
  • Performing Arts
  • Fire/Water Displays
  • Unusual Tools
  • Kites
  • Bicycles
  • HAM Radio
  • Art Cars

What are the characteristics we are looking for as Makers?

A do-it-yourself project that is unique, inspiring, engaging, and interactive with observers.  It tells a story. It might be a piece of art… or a tool or project that does something different. It should be something that hasn’t been seen before, or at least by few people. It should not be for commercial purposes – no selling….at least in the Maker Demo Space. The Maker needs to be there to demo and explain. There may be different categories in size…fits in a 10×10 space, or bigger, or smaller, but outside. There may be an opportunity for a different category of Maker, a company that is experimenting with some one-off projects…things that do unique things. Its okay to take commercial things and do a “mash-up” that repurposes in unique and “ah hah” ways, ie, an underwater bicycle.  Risky projects are encouraged, but need to be managed in a way that the audience and property remain safe. For example a rocket-propelled motorcycle would be great, but would need to be shown in a safe way.

How do I learn more or apply to be a Maker?

Visit the Rutland Mini Maker Faire Information Page at
For more information on the MINT Makerspace visit

The CALL FOR MAKERS APPLICATION is here: The Call for Makers is open until July 28, 2017.

More questions?

Contact us.   (802) 578-7738 or email